Mission accomplished!

It's signed and complete. :) I have officially finished my mural at Pet Parade in center Harbor this past weekend. Check it out:


Cutest cupcake ever:

How can you leave this little buddy sitting all alone in a tray of bunny cupcakes at Harvey's Bakery? I couldn't. I named him Frank. :)


Eddie: cat by day, art aficionado by night.

I was painting a while back, and my roommate's cool cat Eddie was monitoring my progress (or getting a better glimse of a bug outside the atrium door...whatever). He'll be moving out at the end of the week (ok, my roommate is moving out and is bringing him with her...he's not moving out himself...he's not so good with the packing and hasn't gotten his driver's license yet). I'm just going to miss him (and my rad roommate, too of course). Sad clown...



More pictures of the inside of my new studio! Just waiting on the insurance forms and the key to my new creative palace is all mine! Weeee!



I have a new studio space! After years of thinking about it, and weeks of actually doing something about it, a rental company accepted my offer to rent my very own studio space on the third floor of an old woolen mill in Ashland, NH. More pictures to follow once I sign the lease this week and am able to photograph the large, beautiful windows and painted brick walls. The room has such amazing energy and natural lighting...I can't wait until I'm all moved in. I can't wait until I can see the world in paint again.
My friend Jim took this photo from his music studio, across the way.

Kind of cool: this is an old aerial view photo of the woolen mill, when it was fully operating in (probably) the 1930's or 40's.


Thai Smiley

Finally! P-town is getting it's own sushi joint. Thai Smile, or Thai Smiley as Jim and I renamed it last Saturday night on a jaunt down to the local bar to sing karaoke. (Sidenote: I sang "It's Still Rock and Roll to me" by Billy Joel--my first karaoke experience ever). So what better way to celebrate the yet-to-be determined opening of the new palace of raw fish? Why, with a poorly Photoshopped Muppet themed picture, of course. You all remember Guy Smiley from Sesame Street, don't you? I know, this might be slightly inappropriate, but when does that ever stop me?