Hannah Banana.

I got to spend the day with my favorite five year old girl (soon to be six) all day yesterday and we had so much fun! She was my helper at the shoppe, we made some art projects, and she was more than happy to demo the hula hoops for any customers that were remotely interested in purchasing a hula hoop (and we had matching sneakers!). Thanks for a fun day, Hannah...I look forward to doing it again! :o)


Simplify, simplify, simplify.

I am heading into week 2 of small business owning, and have been busy managing all of the unexpected details. But now that I am (mostly) unpacked from my travels, the shoppe is set up and I am finding my rhythm, I am trying to simplify, simplify, simplify! There is a yard sale in my near future, that's for sure! I know I have also been behind the eight ball on my blogging, which has been getting to me...blogging is like journaling for me and I miss it! I will be back in a couple of days with more fun stories to share and pictures to show. But in the meantime...anyone need any display stuff to set up a creative art display? Here's what I am trying to unload (tell your friends!):
Spinning display...uses standard bracket hardware

seafoam colored handcrafted shelf unit
print rack holder

2 pendant lights
Scrolly Mirror

Antique vanity top that I used for a jewelry display


Open for business!

Look out world...I am officially a NH small business owner. :o) The doors to my shoppe opened this morning and I am all smiles...groovin' out to some Simon and Garfunkel, hanging vintage clothes on the racks and ticketing my goods. I'm so excited about it all!
(Day before the opening shot, before I stocked the shelves)
That's me (with my homemade hula hoops in the back!)

Swing on by! I'm open Wednesday through Sunday from 10-6! Check out the shoppe at www.veggieartgirlboutique.com! :o)


Settin' up shoppe.

I am back in New Hampshire, working hard on my shoppe and getting it ready to open the doors on the 13th! Soooo...I will be a bit out of the blogging loop for a while as I am most likely covered in paint and dirt! But I'll be back soon. And here are a few pics of the happenings at the shoppe--lots of painting and colors and swirls! :o)
Decoupaged wall of old children's book pages
Ta-da! (it dried to more of a sepia tone...this pic looks kind of yellow)