Catching up on life...

Boy, have I been busy! I have been working on getting my shop opened (http://www.veggieartgirlboutique.blogspot.com/) and it seems to be the season of design- lots of clients are in search of new marketing materials for the summer season. I have been straight out, working late nights on some new accounts (that I am REALLY excited about!) and trying to get ahead a little. But oh how I have missed blogging. (My apologies to all those who have tuned in and found April's post still lingering at the top of my blog page. I've got some juicy stuff in store!)

But first, I have to back track. Seems like just last week I was leaving Asheville to come back to NH, but after looking at the calendar, I guess it has been 8 weeks or so. I have come back, painted a couple of murals, been to Vegas and back (more on that in a bit) and opened my shop. So while I have lots of fun traveling pics to post, I am going to share pics of one of my last nights in Asheville at 205 Logan. Ahhh, how I do miss that place. Look how cute that house is!

Late night game of Simon Says in the street. (Thanks, Charlie for running the show!)

Potluck Wednesdays! Always delicious food and fantastic people!

And yes, I miss the chickens, too. Without getting too ahead of myself, I am considering plotting out a square on the side of my house to have a lil' chicken abode and some little beaked buddies. If you know of anyone who is throwing away fencing (or selling it on the cheap!), I am hoping to have chickens next spring at the 191. Bok, bok, bok, be-gok!