Roots Cafe.

One of my favorite new places in Asheville to eat is the Roots Cafe, in the River Arts District of Asheville. They're a little breakfast and lunch place that supports local farmers, has a fabulous veggie menu and gorgeous outdoor seating on giant rocks. Makes for some fun eats in the sunshine. :o)
I ended up doing a couple of creative jobs for Roots during my winter stay, including a redesign of their bathroom. I went with a simple and clean, retro-inspired design and created the custom curtains to coordinate with the spring green tone and funky black and white tiles. The hallway was painted a funky red, with simple vinte climbing floor to season. Tying it all together was the teal doors, that look beautiful against the red and subtly match the curtains in the bathroom. It's such a simple, happy design.And here is a sample of their delicious food. This is their house salad- an Asian inspired dish with quinoa hushpuppies and Thai chicken skewers. Deeeelish.