Harpy First Birthday!

Harper turned 1 last month. I was like a kid on Christmas morning, msking sure all the cupcakes were perfectly sprinkled, his high chair was blinged out and I made a cute lil' onesie (see below) for him to wear in celebration of his big day.
He ended up taking a nap during the party and screaming his face off at the sight of 30 people singing Happy Birthday and a flaming candle coming at his face.
Momma...I do NOT like this.
But chocolate cake seemed to make it alllll better in about 2.5 seconds...

Harpy Birthday little one! Momma loves you to the moooooooon and back! oxoxoxo.


Happy Fall Y'all!

Sometimes you have to throw your hands up, abandon your work, and leave a sink full of dirty dishes to go APPLE PICKING!
 It was a beautiful Sunday, so we hopped in the car and headed to Cardigan Mountain Orchard for Harper's first taste of fresh-from-the-tree apples.
 ...he loved them!
 Yearly tradition? I think so!
Ok, now back to work...


Why, hello there. :o)

Ok, I'll admit it. I've got too much on my plate. But it's all good stuff. I have been SOOOOO busy with my new shoppe this summer that some things have taken to the back burner:  meals that take more than 10 minutes to make, haircuts, cleaning and of course...blogging.
Butttt...I'll never complain about this growing business of mine. I'm finding that as Harper gets a bit older (he'll be ONE in less than a month!), I am getting into a routine and am able to do more. (Of course any mom will say that once you get into a routine, be prepared for your adorable child to change ALL of it at any given time.) :o) Buttt, things are good but challenging. Fun with difficult moments. On a whole: awesome.
So for now, I'll share what's happening at my shoppe. As things start to slow down, I will once again get back in the blogging loop and hope to refresh the design of all of it. But here's my share of the week (and YES, I will be sure to post pics of Harper's first birthday next!) Thanks for your support! :o)
As the summer starts to wind down, we're, well...we're NOT! We've got LOTS of fun stuff happening at the shoppe and YOU are invited to all of it!
First of all, we have ONE more Summer Market of the season! We'll be rockin' FREE old fashioned popcorn, live music with Jim Tyrrell & Co., lemonade, face painting, hula hooping and more! Interested in vending? Call the shoppe for details- we have a few spaces left! Hope to see y'all there! :o)
Also, we're bringing this one back by popular demand. A FREE clothing swap.
How it works: Bring in clean clothing & accessories that are still in usable/wearable shape but you just don’t wear anymore. (Time to cleanse those closets!) We're taking in and swappin’ mens, womens, kids stuff and accessories- from boots to bags to belts to blue jeans! Stuff a bag with clothing people have brought in. We’ve got bags, beverages and a dressing room. Leave with a new fall wardrobe! (And probably some new friends!)

Can’t make the swap but want to donate clothes? Bring bags of clothing by anytime from Wed., Sept. 19th - Saturday the 22nd!

Got questions about ether event? Call 968-2378 for the 411. :o) 


A balancing act.

Finding time for baby and art making can at times be a challenging thing. But as this little guy is becoming more independent, he likes to do his thing while I am working on mine. This past week I spent some quality time in my studio, hand painting signs to stock up all my shops and galleries for the summer season. Here is a sneak peak of what's in store at Artistic Roots in Plymouth, NH. Harper helped...obviously. :o)
 Sayyyy...are YOU interested in selling any of your crafty works or fine art? Artistic Roots has some openings right now if you are interested. Just go to www.ArtisticRoots.com for more info/contact. It's a great place to not only sell at, but to get involved with.

Cheers to art! :o)


It's happening!

Hello and THANK YOU! Thank you to everyone who generously donated to the Veggie Art Girl Peerbacker project! I didn't quite make the goal I had set of $5000, but nearly $3000 was raised, which is going to put a HUGE dent in the electrical and repair of the new shop!

Here is a sneak peek of what I have been working on in the new space:
Stay tuned! My new store opens in 23 days! Yikes! Hope you can come out for the grand opening!


Things are HAPPENING!!

Gosh, getting in front of a video camera is SCARY. But I am getting more comfortable with it as I document the progress of my Peerbackers project to move my shop. Here is the latest video of everything moved out of my (now old) store. Things are coming together but I still have a ways to go with funding! Check out my dorky little shpeel to see how the move of Veggie Art Girl is coming along! :o)


I'm moving! Weeeee!

Hey y'all! It's been a challenging year and a bumpy road fo sho. I've had my glass half full and my eye on the prize for a looooong time now and this is all finally happening! My little consignment shoppe is moving on up to a bigger space! (Can you say WINDOWS?) Ohmygosh, I am going to do so much more in this new space! We're talking more kids and adults classes, artist markets, swaps and a bunch more artists coming in to sell their crafty wares! I am finally getting in my groove again and am sooo excited! Check out this goofy lil' video (THANK YOU Jim Tyrrell for all of your help with this one!) and check out my Peerbackers project to find out how you can help me make a move! :o)


Oh baby!

I always said that if I ever become a mom, I wouldn't be one of those moms who is obsessed with their baby and doesn't maintain a "normal" life after baby arrives. I thought I would be able to put this little munchkin down for a nap and get HOURS of work done each day. I thought, hey this seems like a piece of cake. I can do this.
It was recently brought to my attention that perhaps I was looking ahead with rose colored glasses, as they say. Maybe it was the giant belly and all the brainfreeze from the strawberry smoothies I was craving that distorted my perception of how life was really going to be. Because yes, I can do this, but boy have I had to rearrange a few things.

I have found myself in a place where I am both more exhausted and inspired than I have ever been. Not the best mix. I have been finding the time here and there to paint (and am loving what I am doing!), but it unfortunately comes in the wee hours of the morning when I should be sleeping. (They say when baby sleeps, you should sleep too...which is kind of a load of crap. There's so much to do!)

But it is all worth it of course. I wouldn't change a second of it for anything. I mean, look at this cute 13 pound meatloaf:

The truth of it all now is that I am one of those moms. I am obsessed with this baby. I cannot even remember life without him (though I do have vague recollection of a time when I slept through the night and didn't always have dried puke on my shoulder.) Normal? What's that? I am finally ready to admit that no, I cannot do it all right now. I thought I could but a certain three and a half month old begs to differ.

So, life can wait. He's only this teeny once and for the shortest time. Art is happening here and there, and when this little one is a little more self sufficient and doesn't require every second of my attention, look out! Big things are coming out of my studio and into the world! :o)

And now he wakes...where's that binky?