Downtown Laconia Arts Festival

Last weekend was the first of an annual event in downtown Laconia--a celebration of artists alike, complete with music, dancers, visual artists, and goodies for sale on the sidewalks. Here are a few pictures of my display, where I showcased (for the first time!) http://www.veggieartgirl.com/. All in all, it was a pretty great day. :)



Who needs cake when there's ice cream? (especially in this hot weather!) In celebration of the countdown to my birthday, my fabulous co-workers presented me with this lovely array of ice cream delight--and oh yes, I tried every flavor. :) Mmmm.


Gross, but funny...and delicious! :)

I'll admit, I've always wanted to do this. I've seen the pictures and have had the idea in my head for a while now, but was waiting for just the right occasion. I couldn't think of a more deservant recipient of this gross and gooey chocolatey goodness than the infamous Amy B! I've put much thought into how to make the scent crystals (I used blue showcone juice, mixed with cookie crumbs), and I had to actually pinch the melted Tootsie Roll turds. Yes, I said pinch.

And I just couldn't resist the opportunity to take a picture of the cake beside Amy's devil cat we all hate: Tuna!Hit me up if you want the specifics on the recipe! It was a hit!


free desktop :)

Another one of my many favorite digital art forms: creating desktops for my computers. Inspired by the Art Barn's slogan, and my continual aspirations of being a successful, self-employed artist soon, I created this to remind me to keep creating and keep dreaming everyday. (Well, keep dreaming about personal success, though, the other kinds are pretty great. Last night for instance, I had a dream that I met Billy Joel. We shared a plate of spaghetti, he gave me $100.00 and told me to "call him Bill." Nice man that Billy Joel is).

Err...anyways, want this art for your desktop? Download it here: http://senduit.com/ed4225

If you have any technical complications, just sheet me an e-mail (info@veggieartgirl.com) and I'll e-ship it right out to ya! :)


Happy Birthday, Polly!

Inspired by a cake I once saw sell for a ridiculous price, I was determined to recreate this decadent dessert for my friend Polly's birthday today. It's a layered peanut butter chocolate cake, and for those of you with peanut allergies, sorry, it's hard to avoid the peanut buttery goodness. (I'm putting it out there so everyone can steal this recipe--just load the center with oodles of peanut butter chips and gobs of chocolate frosting, and decorate the edges with slices of peanut butter cups). It was a crowd pleaser for sure. :)