'Tis the season to be crafty...

I have been spending hours and hours in my studio, painting away! Lots of new signs will be coming to my store AND to my etsy shoppe...stay tuned! :o)

THIS is the chaos that is my studio. There's paint everywhere, and usually bad 80's music is playing... Been painting a lot of birch trees...

Paint, paint, paint...everywhere! :o)


Gobble, gobble.

Happy thanksgiving, y'all! Wishing you peace and love with family and friends this holiday season! (illustration compliments of Natalie Dee: www.nataliedee.com) :o)



I have seen so many of these in my travels, but not so much in my hometown. So I got to thinkin'...why NOT make one happen? After turkey time and family gatherings, swing on down to my shoppe Sunday for a little clothes swapping. Everyone has that pile of clothes that they don't wear anymore...or think "someday they'll wear"...but alas, they sit on the top shelf of the closet. :o) Bring 'em in (men's, women's, children's AND accessories welcome) to the Veggie Art Girl Boutique this Sunday and go home with something new!
And the best part? Any leftover clothing is going straight to charity! Come have fun with us!


Veggie Art @ Jewell & The Beanstalk!

My handpainted signs have made their way to another location! On the little side called Somerville, hides a hidden treasure: Jewell in the Beanstalk. It's a funky diner, with serve-yourself coffee and tea, made-from-scratch goodies, delicious (and healthy!) meals and NH made arts, crafts, jellies and jams lining the walls.
My lil' handpained signs and The Beanstalk seem to be a perfect match, with so many nooks and crannies to hang my funky signs...

While I was there, I was treated to some homemade brie & bacon quiche, fresh fruit, homemade bread and rosemary potatoes that were uh-maze-ing. If you are ever in the Manchvegas area, swing on in for a delicious meal and say hi to Amber...and be sure to check out all the local art!


Local Shop Hop!

This is another thing I am doing: organizing this event along with nine unique businesses an all-weekend event of sales, raffles and more! The fun starts Friday, Dec. 3rd and goes through Sunday, Dec. 5th with a giant raffle at the end. All shops will feature in-store specials and refreshments for your shopping pleasure. Mark your calendars...this is not an event to miss!

Need the map to download? Here you go! Have fun!