I originally wanted to be a dinosaur for Halloween this year, but the second I discovered that I could just add some wings to my costume and then have an excuse to breathe fire, my inspiration turned more to a dragon. Or as people have been calling it: "an alligator with wings"... Whatever. I don't care. I had fun making it. It's all scraps and findings and a lot of hot glue and thread. Total cost: $1.75....and about 8 hours in labor. :o)...but I don't really think it's all that scary. And I haven't mastered the fire breathing trick yet, but there's still time... Happy Halloween everyone!



I FINALLY got a new tattoo this summer...not the owl that I want next...or the cherry blossoms or the foot piece I have been designing. Ok, I want a lot of tattoos. But my lil' sister and I went to Forever Bonnie to get inked this summer with our buddy Carol (who got a sweet trinity knot on her wrist). Now that I can see this new piece (the other 2 are on my back, so they are surprises in the mirror at times!), I want more! This was my original sketch...
...which turned out like this!
And now my sister and I have matching tats! This is the piece I have on my back shoulder.

Please send money by mail or carrier pigeon. I need more ink. :o)


Follow your dreams.

My freelance projects as of late have been all across the board. On any given day, my creative tools range from a paintbrush to a heap of junk on the side of the road to just my lil' laptop. This week, I worked on a whimsical book cover for Glenna Rossi, a local dream worker. It had been a while since I picked up oil pastels, which is how I created the base of this design. I added the digital aspects afterward, but wanted to really capture windy, fall weather at dusk in northern NH. It reminded me how much I love the color and emotion you can get from layered oil pastels. Onward with this newfound inspiration...I think I will do some more oil pastel pieces this winter when I am working in my new shoppe studio. Thank goodness for sloves and hot cocoa! :o)



I just got back from my favorite city in the world. It was a whirlwind week, full of sweet surprises, creative affirmations and fantastic friends. Here are a few snapshots from my trip:

Sunshine in the city!

Some of my favorite Asheville peeps.

The Smoky Mountains!

This is the site of a new creative project I have in the works...more on that later!

Inspiration, inspiration everywhere! :o)