Bubbles, the chicken.

This is Bubbles, the chicken. He lives in the back yard and when I open the door to say hi, he is always the first to come greet me. I have honestly always been afraid of chickens...I think it is the pecking and the unpredictable flocking and squawking. But I've come around on the chicken issue and kind of dig the idea of someday raising chickens.Hey, fresh eggs. You can't beat that! Check out this quiche I made yesterday morning...yum!


You KNOW you want this shirt!

This is a true gem...probably one of the sweetest vintage pieces I have EVER come across. It's a baseball style t-shirt in super condition with the JACKSON 5 on it! A similar one once old for a near $200. If I can fill Janis' gas tank with my earnings, I'll be happy as a clam. I just wish the shirt fit me! Check out the eBay listing (I am thinking of posting a few vintage pieces to see if I want to join the wonderful world of eBayers, so any feedback or suggestions are greatly appreciated!)

Man, I love, love, loved Michael Jackson.


Now THAT'S a bag sale!

One of the things that is so great about Asheville is that it is a community of reusing and repurposing. This is perfect for an artist like myself, who can find use for odds and ends of vintagy pieces and parts. I love searching for retro clothing, fabrics and the makings for displaying and creating art. One of the local thrift stores had a $5.00 bag sale last weekend and THIS is what I came away with:
Several rolls of red vintage wallpaper, a retro bathroom mirror, a 'Flight of the Concords' t-shirt, new pillow set, a bunch o' vintage ties, some groovy new threads, a giant faux flower and a Dee-Lite CD. Ha! That was a funny morning with a basement full of yard salin' mommas. :o)


Get yer freak on!

Every year, Asheville hosts the Fringe Freak Festival: an event where you don't know WHAT to expect, but can count on a variety of local talents. This year was no exception. The LaZoom bus (a biodiesel purple beast that I have spoken of in the past I am sure) carted us around the city to some live music on Saturday night for a crazy good time. We stopped at to see someone's "time traveler." There was a puppet show, theatre and dancing. And, of course: a zombie brothel. My pictures don't really show you what happened because my camera had to be sans flash, but the images seemed to really capture the weird. Photographer capturing an image of a belly dancing lizard lady at the zombie brothel Uh.maze.ing. marionettes and puppeteer. I hadn't laughed that hard in a while! Oh yeah, and the bus crashed. Whoops.


Oh Asheville...how I love you so.

I'm back in Asheville for another winter stay and finally getting into the groove of this crazy city. From N.H. to N.C., there is definitely a bit of an adjustment period, but I am finding myself falling right back into the aweseomness: great people, uber creativity, beautiful sights, stunning architecture, delicious local food and random happenings. I'm still getting my feet wet and exploring the town, so I'll have more to post later. But for now, I just want to let y'all know that I am here (sans one mudflap) and will share more stories sooooooon! :o)


So long, NH!

Janis is fixed, she has new new windshield wipers, HEAT and is road ready! I'm hitting the road for Asheville this morning and looking forward to another winter adventure in that crazy city. I will of course be blogging religiously when I get there and sharing lots of stories, so stay tuned! Thanks to all my fun friends who came out for 2 nights of silly goodbyes, game playing, sandwiches, belly-aching laughs and hugs. I will miss you all and see you in the spring when I return! :o)