A Day at the fair.

I broke *another* digital camera. This one sadly fell out of my bag and was discovered in my friend's driveway with a cracked screen. I am so bummed and in the process of writing a creative letter to HP to see if they will be nice enough to help with my dilemna. Probably not, but hey, it's worth trying.
In any event, my point: I *was* able to save the card from the camera, and I came across a scattering of fun photos from the past month. The first in the series: The Sandwich Fair! I finally made it back this year and had a fun filled day of fried food eating, beer sampling, people watching, antiquing, and driving through the beautiful foliage. Sometimes there is nothing better than being a tourist in your own town. :o)
Hey there, little buddy!I bought a bushel (or was it a peck?) of these yummy apples, that were later made into a scrumptious apple crisp. (Well, except for this little guy...he was the taste tester)Oh yeah I did. Gotta get a Bloomin' Onion when you are at the fair (and a picture of the dude making it?). I fully support any business that gives you the option of 2 dipping sauces with any product.


WREN Farmers Market on a super cold Saturday

I became a member of WREN (Women's Rural Entrepreneurial Network) this year and it has opened quite a few doors for me. I was able to join in on one of the final Farmers Markets of the season with a display of my hula hoops and handpainted signs. The hoops were a big hit! Here are some pics from the freezing fun! (Brr...it was sunny, but it was cooooold!)(That's my mom on the left...she's become quite a master of the hoop!)

Since then, I have started selling my works (and hoops!) at the WREN Local Works Shoppe on Main St. in Bethlehem. It's such a cute little store, full of a great variety of locally made, handcrafted goods. To learn more about WREN, go to http://www.wrencommunity.org/. More great people, doing great things! :o)


Reasons why I love, love, love fall.

1.) Color, color, color. The drive down 175 from my house to the boutique is pure magic--a windy, colorful road of awesome.

1.5.) On Rte. 175, I get to drive by Owen's farm stand everyday (where I got the mum in the picture). The funny scarecrows, the abundance of pumpkins and freshly cut sunflowers can't help but make you smile on just a drive by.

2.) Halloween. (Still trying to figure out what I am going to be, though)

3.) It reminds me of my Noni. She (my grandmother) was a lover of life; she was a dancer and an artist with a passion for the small details in life. Her favorite time of year was fall (hey, she used to decorate her bathroom for the season!) and I miss her, but think of her fondly when the season rolls around. :o)

4.) Hot apple cider. Apple crisp. Caramel apples. Anything apple, really.

5.) Pumpkin carving. (This year I am going to do it up! Look out!)

6.) Sweater weather. Nothing's better than a jeans and sweater day.

7.) Those last few yard sales. Crisp mornings, pumpkin spice coffee and vintage bargains. Sweeeeet.

8.) Gourds. They are just so interesting and strange.

9.) And of course, Thanksgiving is just around the corner...


New Greeting Cards! :o)

I have been printing and folding and (of course) glittering bunches of my lil' homemade cards. Back by popular demand is the purple swirly tree moon card and a new one (which is a digital replication of a wall mural on canvas!)

This new design is (like most of my work) Untitled, but it was painted at a time of great change in my life this year. I made some big decisions that made my shoulders feel a lot less heavy, and when I went to paint...this came out! :o) (The original size is about 4 feet x 6 feet)
Mmm...glittery goodness.
I've got lots of new, polka dotted and greeeeeeen envelopes to coordinate....each one is a little different (I used all recycled stock for this big ol' batch, so there are all sorts of textures and card stocks).

You can check 'em out at my etsy shoppe @http://www.veggieartgirl.etsy.com/. Enjoy and happ fall y'all! :o)