Welcome to the jungle...

This is how I have been spending my last few weekends: ten feet in the air on a ladder, working on a mural at Pet Parade in Center Harbor, NH. It is nearing completion, but here is a sneak preview of the first section.


I know, I'm weird.

I have a very bizarre obsession with photographing my homemade meals and then Photoshopping fun backgrounds behind them:And, I don't even eat sausage. But I find it tends to trigger slap-happy reactions in others when I fry that crap in a pan.


Pork-like product?

A weekend trip to New Jersey with my man pal, a variety of mixed CD grooviness and a sack of retro snacks (oh yeah, and P.S. Crackerjacks…your “prizes” have weakened considerably…a paper pencil topper is NOT a sweet prize…bring back the hologram stickers!) proved to be quite a learning experience for me. While I had once considered myself well-versed in the world of food and drink, I was proven quite wrong. I learned that there is a whole culture out there of people who eat deep fried pockets of greasy, pulverized meats, called empanadas. I learned that I can find my happy place drinking $1.50 drafts at 1:45 in the afternoon at The Basset Pub, a dive bar full of smelly men singing Spanish polka tunes. I threw back beers with the boys at Hooters. And oh yes, I had my first White Castle experience. I feel like a changed person.

Ok, so really I just drank a lot of beer and ate a lot of bad food all weekend. I know. I am eating a salad right now to make up for it.

But the most surprising of them all was this encased ham-ish, sodium-induced product, that was sliced like a flower and cooked on a griddle. Taylor Ham. Never heard of it. (But of course I had to Photoshop the meat to enhance the graphic detail of the pork-like product).
A quick Google search revealed that it is also called 'Pac Man meat.' Well, while I am a huge fan of the 80’s, I’m still not sold. You could call it Cabbage Patch Kid Meat or Debbie Gibson Meat and I still wouldn’t bite.
It was a great weekend, though. Traffic, running out of gas, sleeping on a wrestling mat, heartburn and all.


Mark your calendars: June 7th

Spring is in the air, the sun is shining and life is good. :)

Now that the snow is on the verge of melting, we're getting ready to open the doors to the Art Barn for our second season! That's right...we're doing it again and this year it's going to be bigger and better! Saturday, June 7th: be there for the opening of our second season, which we are ringing in with art sales, live music (Matt Smart and Jim Tyrrell), sno-cones galore, skee-ball, door prizes and more! I'll post more info once the details are ironed out, but plan on a day of fun and friends at the Art Barn in Rumney, NH!
Here are some fun pics from last season:
My girl, Amy B and I, rockin' the front desk in a downpour last October:


Anyone want to buy this?

I'm broke. I'm trying to buy a new truck. And sadly I have moved into the digital era of photography and have no need for this oh-so-sweet camera. This was my first 35mm camera that I bought from my uncle (I was the second owner) in 1995 and I have loved and cared for it since the first day I owned it. It's manual everything, but will work forever and has had several professional tune-ups. It takes fabulous pictures. AND, it comes with all this stuff:

Check out the groovy strap! Classic.
Interested? Make me an offer. I need wheels.


edith. :)

It's been a rough couple of weeks. I've had pains in my neck (insert obvious joke here) for weeks that just yesterday have begun to subside. It's been bringing me down, and simple tasks like just getting up and going to work or even sitting in a chair have been drudgery. But I made it to work yesterday, to find this cheerfully sitting on my desk (next to Kermit, and yes, I have polka-dotted my office walls!): My new plant. My coworker, Cindy thought I could use some good luck and gave me this beautiful plant. Feng Shui suggests that putting a plant in a red pot in the left hand corner of your desk or workspace brings prosperity. Now it's hard to not smile when I am sitting at my desk. Thanks, Cindy...I love it. I will name her Edith. :)