The Very Hungry Playroom

I'm a bit behind (It seems I have sprained my wrist, but thankfully not my painting wrist!), but this is one of my latest mural projects. Inpired by Eric Carle's The Very Hungry Catepillar, this playroom is going to be a colorful learning and playzone for a couple of adorable children:
Those of you who know me, will probably notice that the wall color is my EXACT favorite color...so it wasn't difficult to feel inspired!
This corner is going to be for trucks, building and cars

This polka-dotted section actually frames out a magnetic wall, so the kids can post their paintings, schoolwork and creations with magnets!

I have to say...I love painting, but the best part about my job is getting to reveal the room to the kids. What a couple of cuties!


Barn door art

I finished this mural project a week or two ago, but finally had the chance to shoot a couple of pics of it this weekend. As it turns out, I truly enjoyed painting colorful replicas of barnyard creatures. Must be all that growin' up in the sticks...hmmm, maybe there is a painted series of cows and chickens coming up in my artistic future....

The things you have to do...

...to enjoy a cold beer by the campfire:

1. Build a firepit. Check.
2. Drink a cold beer. Check.


Grand (re) Opening!

Season 2 of the Art Barn was kicked off Saturday with a fabulous mix of music, people, art, and snow cone flavors! :) It sure was a hot one out there! I'd like to thank all of my friends and family who came to show their love and support--I had been working without communication with the world or sleep for weeks on end, and it was nice to see some familliar faces come show their support and appreciation. It meant the world to me--thank you.


Ahhh...light at the end of the tunnel

It's still kind of in rough shape, but you get the idea and it is with great pride that I present my site. And, as of the wee hours of this morning, you can now BUY my art on VeggieArtGirl.com. (Ok, just 6 of my cards are for sale now, but much more to follow). Stay tuned and keep checking in...there's no stopping me now, so look out world!I am shaking, I am so excited about this venture.

I'd like to take this little platform in the blog world to thank my favorite paintbrush with the blue handle, caffeine, my cat Moe, and most of all--Larry. Thank you.