Meat pie.

So I'm not all that much of a pie eater. And I will generally opt for a vegetarian option on any menu. But the marriage of both meat and pie is a beautiful one...especially when you look through the cabinets (late at night, in your pajamas) four or five times hoping for something to make itself for dinner. I got creative and this came out. And it was guh-huh-huh-hoooood. Because of it's awesomeness, I will share the recipe (it is probably a great one to make with Thanksgiving leftovers!):

Meat (I used chopped cooked chicken, sliced pepperoni & a few chopped slices of ham)
One can of Cream of Chicken soup (though any old Campbell's Cream of whatever will do)
1/4 cup milk (Cream, soy milk, hemp milk...whatever)
One can crescent rolls
I mixed all the meat, soup, milk and a generous sprinkling of ground pepper and garlic in a bowl and poured into my favorite pie plate. I simply arranged the crescent triangles on top of the pie and baked it according to the temp. on the can until it was golden brown. (375 degrees for about 20 minutes).
It smelled really good as it was baking, and surprisingly tasted even better than that! I know...not a healthy meal....but it sure hit the spot on a cold fall night AND I didn't have to go to the store!


My creative zone.

My day started with a cup of coffee and I have not stopped since. I have been sanding and painting and cleaning and creating and organizing and painting more and sanding more and designing and...

You get the point.

In the midst of everything, it is difficult to be completely aware of where you are and just...appreciate. So following a 30 minute power clean of my basement studio space, I thought I would snap a few pics and take it in for a minute. I am always stressing over cleanliness and organization, and often find it difficult to be creative if I don't have a sense of that (I know...kind of defies the typical mentality of an artist!). But today, I found satisfaction in all if it and have been enjoying my space more than ever. :o)

Ok, now I need to get back to work! Got lots of holiday shows coming up!



Thursday, December 3rd will be the 2nd Annual Holiday Open House at Veggie Art Girl & Taylor Made Graphics! There's gonna be everything from free raffles to live music (with JimTyrrell) to a local author Ray Carbone signing copies of his new book to hot appetizers....dancing, sales, free gift wrapping and more! Mark your calendars and be sure to shop local this holiday season! :o)


Bathroom Renovation, Part I

I have been wanting to redo my bathroom for years. But rather than fix the gross old tub and move the sink to under the mirror, I would go the cheap route and distract myself with a fresh coat of paint and some new towels.
(I'm not sure WHY the old drain was clogged?!@#!)
Well, this year I decided I would take the jump. Thanks to an extended credit line at Lowe's (crap...so I *have* to pay that back?) and a little extra money I was able to put aside as a buffer (hey, I know how these things work), I came home with a tub and a tub surround in the back of my van one day, figuring "how hard can this be?"
Ummm...I'll get back to you with an official answer on that in a bit, but first I thought I would share pics from my plumbing journey. I ended up calling a friend to help demo the old tub, which was NO easy task. At the last minute I *did* have to call an *actual* plumber, because the new tub wouldn't fit and the piping had to be rerouted. (Thanks, Mr. Rooter!)
But all in all, it is coming along slowly but nicely. I have plans for a mosaic backsplash in the tub and around the sink. I got a fabulous Mexican tavalera style sink that will look fantastic...once I finish the custom built countertop to fit it in. All in a days work! If you are bored and would like to help, shoot me a line. But...you have to work for pizza and hula hoops. :o)


Best Google EVER.

This made my day. HAPPY 40th BIRTHDAY, SESAME STREET! Gosh, I love Big Bird.