Lucy, I'm home!

So I went home for my lunchbreak today and mid-tuna sandwich, who walks in? Lucille Ball! This beauty is my friend's daughter, who was dressed up for celebrity day at school. Isn't she fabulous? Now I can't wait for Halloween...my favorite holiday ever!



It must be kitty season! I got to meet up with my fabulous friends, CP and Lou this past weekend and met my new niece, Lily! She was so sick when they found her (and could fit entirely in the palm of your hand), but CP and Lou nursed her back to health and she is now full of life and so happy. We all spent the entire day watching football in our pajamas on Sunday- jammies, hot wings, chili, cocktails, football, a new kitty and the best friends ever...what's better than that? (ok, if the Pats had won, it would have been much better...we'll be back after the bye week!)


At last...

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending Mike & Nicole’s festive wedding on the seacoast. Held at the Portsmouth Pearl, the details in the event were a throwback to old tradition, from the striking architecture in the old church to the wishing well to the classic tunes. And, as cynical as I have become about weddings in my travels to oh-so-many, I have to say that despite the cold steak tips and a perhaps a drunk deejay, it was quite a memorable event. Best details: the absolutely stunning bride, the chicken satay appetizers, the best man’s speech, the table centerpieces and of course, the dancing. (Hey, it’s just not a wedding until someone requests Thriller and a congo line forms!)
Congratulations Mike and Nicole!


Pesto Party

Last evening in my travels, I happened upon a my friends’ Lorri and HO’s Longhaul Farm in Holderness, NH. They were hosting a Pesto Party, as they do annually, where friends gather ‘round in their newly built (and absolutely gorgeous) Pavillion in the Woods function hall. With the fall night dropping to a near freezing temperature, they harvested the remainder of their basil in the fields, and spent the evening plucking and shucking the sweet crop to make into tubs of delicious pesto. I’ll admit…I’d only planned on stopping in for a quick hello, but once I stepped into the cozy cabin with the crackling fire, and the smell of fresh roasted vegetables and homemade quiche hit my nose, I cracked open a homebrew and joined in on the pesto-making. I wound up making new friends and since Lorri insisted, I helped myself to a plate of dinner and a scoop of some of the best cinnamon apple sauce I have ever tasted.
If you haven’t been to Longhaul Farm, you should catch the tail end of their growing season and check out their adorable country store, located on Route 113 in Holderness. They feature all their unrefined, homegrown produce and sell a wide variety of local and organic goods. You could even take home a tub of their homemade pesto, applesauce or yummy signature quiches…which come highly recommended from yours truly. :)

(Tucker, the farm mascot, looking on)


Happy Feet :)

This is one of the 6,308,107 reasons why I love my best friend (and her wardrobe choices):


Happy Birthday, Mom! :)

For my mom’s birthday I really wanted to get her a kitten. In our yard sale travels a few weeks ago, she just melted at the sight of a black and white tuxedo cat sleeping in a barn. She quietly mentioned that she wanted to find another tuxedo kitten that looked like Sam, the cat she rescued from a dumpster as a teenager. She loved that cat, and when I was a teenager and my dad surprised us one night with a black and white cat in a tomato box, it was instantly named Samm (But we added an extra “m” to the end of it’s name to differentiate), in tribute to her “best cat ever.”
So I posted an ad on Craigslist. I listed a message on FreeCycle. I was specific in my request for a tuxedo cat; I was trying to magically replicate the cat my mom still talks about and misses to this day. Sifting through the many replies of “I have a cat, but it’s more like an orangey calico” or “I have a cat you can have that matches your description but he is seven years old,” I found an e-mail from a woman named Cindy, who had one little furball left of the litter, matching my exact description. I left as soon as I could to go get him.
When I arrived to the trailer to pick up the kitten, his living conditions were unfavorable to say the least. I walked in the door and in one fell swoop, the woman introduced herself and threw the kitten in my arms. I had no choice. He was mangy and covered in fleas. Purring, he looked up at me as if to say, “please take me,” and I bolted out of there, threw him in the back of the van and took him home. A mere $77.00 in flea treatments and antibiotics later, he was a fluffy, happy kitty, waiting for a new home.
But I was a little nervous about the gift. My mom had only mentioned once her newfound desire to have a kitten, so I didn’t spare on the presentation details. I tied a big red bow around his neck, placed him in a polka-dotted gift box (with drilled holes, of course!) and wrote a little poem on a gift tag to place with the bow. I parked at the end of my parent’s driveway, put the kitty in the box, and nervously carried it in the house to present to my mom.
It couldn’t have gone better. The kitten (who I had been calling “Pooper”) must have known he had to be on his best behavior for this pivotal moment. She looked at the box, teared up, read the poem and removed the lid to find a little furry munchkin staring up at her.
“Oh my goodness! He’s beauuuuuutiful! He’s my Sam! He looks like my Sam!” she exclaimed.
“What are you going to name him?” I asked, after a round of toy-on-string playing.
“Sammm,” she said, matter-of-factly. “Three m’s.”

Happy birthday, Mom!

Update: My mom just called me from the store, where she was picking up necessary kitty accessories to tell me the kitty's new name: Zenn Kitty. Zenn for short. :)


Who doesn't want to go there?

This was a freelance piece I painted, and it just makes me smile. :)

My new blog design! Weeeeeee!

Isn't it fun? Many, many thanks to Rita, who helped me turn my Sharpie sketchbook drawings into a working, swirly, polka dotted blog. :) You should check her out if you want to revamp your blog....she's fabulous.


I spy...

An antique tool chest, an orange retro office chair, blue checked curtains, 1 tin tile, an old picture frame, 2 pendant lights, 2 hippie skirts, a photo display thingy, 4 pairs of vintage skiis, toy race cars and ONE plastic duck.

Sigh. I love Plymouth's townwide yard sale day. And sadly, this was the last year of the annual event. So unless someone else wants to take on the project of organizing the hundred or so sales, we will no longer be able to enjoy this glorious September day of bargains. :(



From my mom's garden with love. :)

World's best macaroni and cheese.

Hands down. No competition. You should go there and try it. Seriously.Or how are your roasted red pepper crab cakes in a bed of seaweed with a wasabi aoli? Mmmm... Oh, what's that? Pan seared scallops in a coconut milk reduction with a maple glaze? Okay!

I just wanteed to use my little platform in the world to plug my buddies' restaurant, the Six Burner Bistro, because the food is not only affordable and outstanding, but they support local farmers. The greens and veggies are always fresh and the food is deeeeee-lish. (Oh, and it's a BYOB establishment, so bring along your favorite brew or bottle of wine to enjoy). :)


Back to my 'Roots'...

Following a six month hiatus, I have returned to Artistic Roots Gallery in Campton, NH. My exhibit began yesterday and will hang for at least 4 months, so stop on by and check it out!

If anyone is interested in showcasing their art, there is currently room to become a member and display your wares. Also check them out online for fun classes and events!


Happy 9/9 everyone!

Sadly this will be the first year in a loooooong time that there is not a #9 celebration at my abode, but I want to wish everyone a Happy 9/9 and stongly suggest that you pick up a sixer of the best beer ever on your way home from work and enjoy. It's pure apricot goodness, swirled into the tastiest brew...mmmmmm....

On the plus side, next year will be 9/9/09, and that's just going to get plain silly...


Hooray, that was awesome!

Well, the old mill studio is still standing, despite our best efforts. Here are some pics from last night's event at the studio. We had the boxed wine, a hula hoop, the glowsticks...a good time had by all! Looking forward to doing it again!My creative palace: ahhhhhhhhhh....

Group mural project

Music provided by the Jim Tyrrell Trio

(notice Root Beer's new pants...they came from a MALL!)




My friend, Jim Tyrrell (a local musician) and I both rent studio space in the old mill in Ashland and are teaming up for an open studio event tomorrow. Live music, art making, wine drinking, munchies...all of it. Swing on over! Weeeeeeee!