The Karma Balm Mobile!

You've all seen me in my van (Janis), decorated in swirly doodles and colors on the sides. Little known fact about me: I have been lettering vehicles for nearly ten years and have all of the equipment to make your vehicle super unique. Here is my latest job: turning Corey's PT Cruiser into a Karma Balm Mobile, so she can travel about and advertise her wonderful (earth friendly, bee-free) products. (Side note: you should check out her AMAZING lip balm, lotions and potions at http://www.karmabalm.org/) Here is the final product and spread the word that I can letter vehicles! I'm trying to get save monies to get back to Asheville this winter and need to line up more work to do so!


What have I been doing lately?

Making cakes apparently! While I have never loved the baking part, I find the decorating part to come easily and is so much fun. Here are a couple of cakes I have made recently. I am seriously considering adding a little cake link to my web site...why not? Shoot me a line if you are in the market for a unique cake...I can do it up for ya!
Jessi just moved to CA for college and her mom threw her a fantastic party...complete with this chocolatey cake I made (that included her faaaaavorite color pink in the frosting) :o)
This one was tricky, but I was happy with the results (even though the humidity was melting the frosting on the way to the party!). When soon-to-be six year old Shannon was asked what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday party, he replied, "marble." (Apparently he was just fascinated with the idea that a cake could be two colors when you cut into it!) He is a lover of aliens, and I wanted the cake to be special. So I built a base out of dowels and cardboard, and attached some lights to the sides, creating the light-up effect. The cake itself was of course marble, but simply frosted, with little alien men stuck in all over it for the full-on extra-terrestrial effect. It was a big hit, but I think Shannon was more interested in getting the cake off the base so that he could use it to build a UFO out of legos than he was eating the cake! :o)



...it's football season. AAAAANNNDDDD....my computer is up and running like a champ now, so I can continue blogging! My apologies for keeping y'all hangin'...I have been trying to get my digital ducks in a row and have had to do some mega cyber douching. I am virus-free, I am all updated with that there Flash nonsense, and all is well in HP LaptopLand. So now, I share with you: a plate of meat that I cooked. Oh yes, there is teriyaki steak. But what's that next to it? My first time trying ribs on the grill. Pretty flippin' tasty. Yep. And what's that behind the plate o' tasty meat (and vanilla scented girly candle)? The Pats winning! Happy Football Season everyone.....GO PATS! :o) And stay tuned....