Getting ready for tour.

As my boyfriend was getting ready for a 2 week long stint on the road, I tried to help out with little marketing details so that he could be a driving/walking billboard as he traveled the east coast. First detail: vehicle lettering. (And here's a tip to all you small business owners: letter your car! It's quite possibly the best way to stand out and get attention for the least amount of advertising dollars!) Jim is a graphic designer as well, so he had a clean and quirky design all set for his t-shirts and stickers. I just added it to the car (his new Mini Cooper!) with two colors of vinyl. TA-DA!Then I got to thinking about the dates Jim was leaving...and I thought maybe I could go too. So I did! I drove down to the Carolinas with Jim and flew back a week later while he traveled on. Best road trip buddy ever.Yessssssssss! For more info about Jim's tour, you can check him out at http://www.jimtyrrell.net/ or view his live streams of music at http://www.thejimtour.com/


garden goodness.

I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that I have made it this far in life without ever really having a garden. I have done some container gardening with little success. But after diving in and learning what the heck a perennial even was (and with some help and inspiration from my awesome friends!), I finally have a pretty front yard garden! Thanks Tina & T-Rej!Half of the fun was being able to add funky things to the swirly garden bed. This sled here is one that my mom used as a little kid. Oh, the Christmas wreath. Yeah, I can't take that down. There's a family of robins living in it. Sure they poop on my plants, but they look too cozy to move. So Merry Christmas!Have you ever smelled the sweet smell of dark mulch? It's warm, it's delicious. It smells like worstershire sauce. I wanted to eat it.

Yay! Garden!


This Saturday, June 11th!

Come one, come all to Veggie Art Girl's Flea Market & Craft Fair! We'll be selling crafty goods and flea market finds from 9-4...swing on by! For more info: http://www.veggieartgirlboutique.com