Doin' Flipz!

I have been painting quite a few murals lately, and this one was a fun challenge. First of all, I had to paint a portion of it on a trampoline! The goal: fill a GIANT gymnastics studio with some elements that would fill the room, match the color palette and be easy to paint around. This was tricky.
These are some of the inspiring elements I came up with (note the trampoline location!)...

I think my old high school English teacher, Mrs. Beaudin would approve of this wall...
That was fun. But it certainly reminded me that I am no acrobat. :o)


Crafty Kathy: pimpin' out a vintage suitcase

This groovy suitcase was my grandma's from before she married my grandpa. It has her initials embossed on the top and is so beautiful, but the inside smells not so beautiful. So it has become a prop in my store. It already had one old label stuck to it (the middle round one), and I decided that I was going to add more bling. I picked up these labels in MY travels and decided to give some new life to this treasured vintage piece by mod podging them on. Mod Podge is awesome stuff, man. You can stick anything paper to anything: furniture, walls...anything.
And it dries clear. Now it's a beautiful piece that shares a piece of my grandma and my travels in one. I just love it! :o)
Tip: if you want to make something like this, scope out thrift stores and yard sales for old suitcases. Save those wine bottle labels or use squares of funky paper and a lil' Mod Podge to create a vintage piece of awesome!



OhmygoshIlovesushi. I am beyond excited that we now have raw fish delight up the street. The restaurant has been open for 3 weeks and I have been there 5 times. I love, love, love sushi.

I got to eat this. Yum. In Plymouth, NH? Try Fugaky. You will not be disappointed. :o)