Used to be Opening!

What fun we had Saturday at the opening of my show Used To Be at The Studio! It was great to see old and new friends, and debut my recent works over wine and amazing live music.
 Holly Furlone and Jim Tyrrell rocked the side stage with hours of beautiful acoustic tunes...
 And people mingled about. The show goes on until the end of 2014. Be sure to check it out...The Studio is located at 54 Canal Street in Laconia, NH.
Thanks everyone for coming out and for your awesome support! :o)


Paint Mixer!

So I have been working on a few little side projects. This is something I have always wanted to do and started this summer doing private events: Paint Mixers! I know this is totally trending right now, but absolutely love the concept and have a blast teaching these.
 This was a design I did for Biederman's Deli in Plymouth. We had a full house and a whole lot of fun! They put on a great spread and I'll be back to teach another class on December 8th. (For more info, you can call Biederman's at (603) 536-DELI to sign up)
 I will be planning on hosting a series of these events as soon as my shop opens...stay tuned!
Interested in hiring me for a private party? Shoot me a message! :o)


Back in the game.

Now that I have my studio all set up, I have been back to my old ways of painting into the wee hours of the morning. My absolute favorite. (Of course, I have found that now that I am a mommy to a 3 year old, I do not have the energy I once had. But still, I'm rocking it.)
Here are a few selections from a current show that is hanging at The Studio in Laconia, called Used to Be. I am honored to hang there for my second time, with all my cool new works, painted on old wood, panels, windows and doors.

It's kind of funny (and super relative)...I named this show before I completely created it, back when I booked it last year. Who knew everything in my life would be so different and I would use the words "used to be" as much as I am these days?

Come on out to the opening reception for the show on November 15th! Will be lots of fun! :o)


My little studio.

I love my little creative space. Of course I have BIG plans for this zone- built ins, new windows and lots of color. But for now, I am in love with sitting at this big table (that I dragged home from Asheville in my purple van!), painting doodles and swirls to obscure music and watching gorgeous sunsets out the window. House love.


Happy kitchen.

Moving into a new house is exciting and frustrating and fun and challenging. It was expensive to move and get where I am, so I have had to be thrifty with my d├ęcor choices. Easy (and fun) for me. :o) My dad has been a great motivator in getting some necessary projects done around the house. First thing was first: make the kitchen adorable. I wanted to be inspired to cook and relax and drink wine with friends.

My dad came up with the design for this countertop project. A sheet of plywood, some scrap pine flooring and a few coats of poly later, I have an eat-in kitchen. He was actually throwing away those 2 chairs, so I gave them a coat of paint and it makes the kitchen. The walls are painted a cantaloupe color orange to coordinate with the (already) green cabinets.

And now...my kitchen is a little happier and cooking is fun. I see my son sitting at that counter, doing his homework after school while I make supper for years to come. I see potlucks and fondue parties. I see years of having fun living in my new yellow house and making more mine every day. :o)

Secret spot.

One of the coolest things about living in an 1877 farmhouse? Aside from the crooked floors and amazing character, it's little finds like this. LOOK what I found last weekend while redecorating this room: a secret cabinet! I thought the door was sealed shut, so I pried it open a bit and found these lovely shelves! I vacuumed them out, reinforced the bottom one and this will soon become a lovely little sewing nook. House love. :)


One year.

My new favorite saying: " You will not cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore."

Well, I lost sight of the shore. I'm rowing. I'm sailing. It's ON.

The past 12 months have been complete whirlwind. Every aspect of my life has been flipped upside down. I am a huge believer in putting what you want into the Universe, and I had been realizing the need for change for a while. Then one day I really put it out there and the Universe REALLY heard me. Here's a quick catch up:

 I sold my house. It took 4 days of being on the market.
Then I bought this awesome yellow abode. And my amazing friends helped me move in a jiffy...with encouraging smiles on their faces. I heart them.

I got this orange chair at a thrift shop for $5. Actually, most of my home furnishings are new (to me)...out with the old and in with the new.
On August 22, I closed on both houses. I officially sold my little grey ranch I lived in for 13 years and signed the papers to my new yellow home. It was built in 1877 and is crooked and lovely. I am truly in love.
 And then there is this boy. He has kept me busy and inspired and while transitioning with a toddler to a new home has it's challenges, he is now settled in well (especially because we live across the street from a park with giant slides.)
What else? I started grad school. Traveled to Canada for part of the summer for an amazing integrated arts class. Separated from my partner of over 5 years and we're finding our way through the world of parenting and making our way back to the great friendship we started from. I am finding my way through the world as a mommy to this amazing kid. Have been learning patience by way of potty training. Have made a lot of new friends. Reconnected with old ones. Moved my business out of my Squam Lake location. Am renovating the attached barn on my new property to reopen my shop at the same place I live. (C'mon out to the open house I'm having!) Have been painting as much as possible. Am hanging my 3rd art show of 2014 in 2 weeks. Got a new car (my old one fell apart.) But above all, despite the difficulties, I am trying to remain positive.
And now, 2 months after my move and as the dust settles from ALL of this, I am feeling like my old self again. But better. Different. It is ON. Look out, world. I've got so much to do!
(This is my new (to me) car, Grover.) :o)