I am getting ready to take a quick jaunt down to my favorite city at the end of the month and cannot wait! While I do not plan on spending a giant chunk of the winter down south this year, I am anticipating a few trips. In getting all excited to be in the heart of that wacky city for 6 fun filled days, I got to browsing through some Asheville pics from this past spring...The Sky Bar: a fantastic place to see the sunset, enjoy a glass of wine and view the whole city I took Jim up there (via old fashioned, slightly sketchy elevator) on a whim and we enjoyed a glass of white as the sun set the night before I left to come back to NH

The architecture in Asheville is so varied and beautiful. There's literally art on every street corner!
Ahhhhhhhh... IcannotwaitIcannotwaitIcannotwait. Weeeeeee!