Day 26: Love is all you need.

Ok, just one more. I feel I have had a few failures (do over! the best thing about paint!) of this process along the way. But this high contrast piece is one of my faves. It's smaller than the rest and the primary palette, which I don't typically gravitate to, speaks to me in this iconic saying.

Spoiler alert: I actually shot this pic after the piece was hung at my current exhibit at The Maia Papaya in Bethlehem.  I hadn't grabbed a shot of it before it left the building, so I had to take it once it was on the fab orange walls. 

Yes, I will be revisiting more lyrics and painting more in this style. I will need something to focus on to stay warm!


Day 25: To the moon and back.

And so, with the success of my last piece, I got a few more of these going. They are done in several steps, since the paint is thick and must dry between each layer. Reverse painting is interesting because you don't know what your piece of art is going to look like until you lift up those adhesive letters...the last and final step (which is completely gratifying!)

Seen here, I created an image in the background, which I applied hand cut letters onto. This is a very organic process, involving scissors and bad music. (I have somehow trained my brain to see and cut out out off-beat cursive lettered with scissors. Interesting.)


Day 24: What you love.

This was a crooked piece of salvaged plywood with not a single right angle to it (about 12x30" in size.) I decided to embrace the crooked and not over think it. (I am sooooo good at over thinking everything.) My friend Ellanna asked me in a (slightly and lovingly) firm tone the other day: "Now, um, are you going to DO anymore of those reverse paintings?" (Thank you, E.)
I thought maybe the first one was beginner's luck, so I couldn't decide. So in the act of trying to not think about it too much, but combine a complimentary color palette and work in high contrast (y'know...your average Tuesday afternoon), I decided to go simple with the saying too. It just sort of...came out.

It's a great saying. We should all do more of what we love. And though I have dropped the ball a bit on my blogging, I have every day picked up a paintbrush or tool and created this month.

Note to self (yet again): you LOVE painting. :o)

Day 23: custom #3.

Song lyrics make some of the best signs. I have always disliked this song, but taking this excerpt from it and making it look fun and funky puts a whole different spin and perspective on it.


Day 22: custom #2.

This piece was created for a woman's young nephew as a gift for Christmas.
11x17" on recycled wood. Adorable.

Day 21: custom #1.

This time of year is a bit crazy for me with holiday shows and custom works, so I thought I would share a few. Custom piece on a recycled wooden panel, size 12"x18".
Looking for a custom piece? Now taking orders for after the holidays! :o)


Day 20: ornaments.

I'm not very holiday-ish with my painting, but every year I make a few things to ring in the season. I had been wanting to try this for a while- painting on birch. This is a series of ornaments that I am going to hang with some hemp and paint in my signature palette of lime, teal and rusty red.
The finished pieces will be debuting at the Winter Giftopolis on December 6th and again on the 8th at the Annual Holiday Open House at Veggie Art Girl.