Fa, la, la, la, la...

I’m down to the last couple of days at my job, and I’m starting to get sappy. I’m cleaning off my desk, and below the blankets of dust (I’m not the tidiest of employees) are collections of lucky rocks, favorite paperclips, pens, photos, post-it notes and knick knacks that I am having a difficult time parting with. Three years of stuff. But I know it’s time to move on, despite the fact that I will miss everyone at MegaPrint (if you are not already following the MegaPrint blog, you totally should…I designed it and its chock full of good stuff!) I have made some of the greatest friends here, who have been the biggest supports and shining stars in my life. This place has afforded me so much opportunity and I appreciate it being there when I needed it three years ago. I am grateful for all of it, and will truly miss it (a rarity these days in the job world). From the cheese/fatty meat days and breakroom festivities to the fish birthday parties (RIP Elroy!) to the fun design work to the recycling adventures to the everyday laughs, I will miss it all. So, thank you to Jay and everyone who have made MegaPrint a place that I enjoyed going to everyday.

So…in 2 weeks from today, I’ll be heading south in Janis (my van) to Asheville, NC. But for now, I am just going to soak up the last 14 days in New England with fabulous friends and family and enjoy the holidays.

Here is the MegaPrint holiday card I designed this year. And…a picture of the tree I made out of scrap cardboard--trying to go green...literally. :)

And I'm off to Woodsville for 3 days of Christmas excitement with the Lucas Clan. Merry Christmas everyone and I wish you all the happiest and healthiest of new years!

Peace and love,


Happy Holidays!

In the spirit of going green (and saving a little money for my trip), I created electronic holiday cards this year. Here it is and Merry Christmas everyone! :)


Terra Perma update

This posting is a little overdue, but with all that has been going on in my life, I know it’s hard to keep up with me. On December 6th, Terra Perma Art Gallery held an Open House, showcasing the works of Sarah Cail (a freelance photographer) and myself. They put on a delicious, homemade spread and hired a beautiful harpist to play for the afternoon—it was quite a treat!

So first of all, I would like to thank all those who made the trip to come and support me. It was a great day.

Secondly, I regretfully have to mention that Terra Perma will be closing at the end of 2008. Ana, the owner, has her hands full with the gallery AND Sunflower Natural Foods in downtown Laconia, and she will be consolidating the businesses into Sunflower next year with an anticipated opening in the spring. So while the new location will not have the unique charm and wide, open space of Terra Perma, it will be a nice mix of organic goods and earth-friendly wares. Ana has always been a strong supporter of not only the arts, but of the community, and we all wish her the best of luck in her new endeavor. :)

I would like to take this platform to thank Ana and Sue at Terra Perma...your encouragement has inspired me to keep on truckin'.


Meowy Christmas.

I had to do it...sorry about the bad pun. My (slightly deranged, but very lovable) cat Moe enjoys sitting under the tree for hours at a time. Check out her creepy eyes! Now I just need to wrap me some gifts and shove 'em under the tree...not sure why I am having trouble with the Christmas spirit thing this year. I think I just need some spiked eggnog.


My little helper.

During the last few nights before our (very snowy) open house, my friends came in and helped Diane and I put finishing touches on the place. Hannah was my little helper, and is quite skilled with a paintbrush...for a five year old. :) We watched her diligently paint the stairs a reddish brown, and were taking pictures of her as she painted around her legs and into a corner. All of a sudden, she looks up at me and exclaims, "awww, nuts! I'm stuck!"


Thank you.

Despite the weather being absolutely awful, our Open House had quite a turnout! I'd like to thank all those who weathered the storm and made the trek in support of our new business venture (some people traveled over 2 hours in the snow and ice!) One person commented that the weather was perfect, because those who were there would always remember the event (and had a better shot at raffle prizes!), and I think that is the truth! (...though a nice, clear night would have been okay too...) Still, Diane and I had fun welcoming everyone to our new shop, and are thankful for all of the support we have received from friends and the community. A special thank you to Moe and Alex of the Common Man family who generously donated cakes, a gift certificate and a lovely flower arrangement and have made Diane and I feel more than welcome in the neighborhood, Jim for his fabulous music, TJ, Josh, Chainsaw, Tina Cleana, Tanya & Tara for their last-minute painting skills and Longhaul Farm for the goodies. (I know I am forgetting someone, but nothing has gone unappreciated). Again, thank you all for coming and I look forward to doing it again this summer for round two!

Live music w/ Jim Tyrrell!

Cakes compliments of the Common Man Bakery. :)


Come to our OPEN HOUSE this Thursday Night!

Most of you know that I am teaming up with my friend Diane on a business adventure on Squam Lake. When I return from my NC travels in the Spring of ’09, I will be opening a seasonal gallery in a shared space at the corners of Rte 175 & 3 in Holderness, called Veggie Art Girl: an earth-friendly boutique. Diane is going to have a fun shop filled with old-fashioned presses, offering all sorts of nifty services from graphic design to boat lettering to silk screening. I will have my shop in the space beside Diane, and we are going to rock Squam Lake this summer!

Why all the buzz NOW when I am not opening ‘til spring? Before I leave, I wanted to make sure everything was in order. So as you know we have been ripping carpet, painting, building and remodeling the space (ahem...any help is gladly welcomed if you love to paint or build!) We’ve been working hard and now we want to CELEBRATE!

So come on down this Thursday and check it out! We’re opening the doors from 6-8 p.m. for munchies, live music with Jim Tyrrell and fabulous raffles. We’re at the corners of Rte. 175 and Rte. 3 in Holderness…you can call 968-3192 for more info/directions.

Or are you an artist looking for a space to display your wares? If your work is earth-friendly (salvaged goods, water-based paints, recycled materials, etc.), then come on down Thursday night to talk to me! I’d love to showcase your work this summer on Squam!

Happy Holidays everyone!


My Thanksgiving Tale...

It was a classic Lucas/Bowman feast this year. It was a house full of animals and kids, topped off with canned beers and impromptu caroling. We made wreaths, we decorated cookies, the turkey and fixins' were all scrumptious. There were new faces at our table this year--an extension of the Bowmans, who were all fun to share the day with, (and fit right in with our non-conventional style of celebration). I give it four stars. (But truth be told, I took a lengthy "nap" on the couch, amidst the excitement of cookie decorating--turkey always makes me sooooo sleepy!)
My mums presented my bro, sis and I with our first silverware we had as babies--yeah, we all used them to eat our meals. :)

There's another kid or two under this here pig pile...

My mom's cat Zenn literally sat by the stove the entire time we were cooking the meal, eating scraps that fell. This cat thinks it's a dog. Seriously. It fetches.

Nari was being such a good girl and keeping her doggy paws out of the kitchen (barely). But she was actually drooling from the smell of turkey, so Lyss had to put a napkin on her!

There was a new kitty in the house. We named him Zeus.


Remember as a child when the kids' table was nothing but awkward cousins, 4 mismatched chairs around a wobbly card table? Not at our Thanksgiving! Kids rule! :) (And Megan is totally holding her broccoli in the air like a torch-ha!)
Lyss and I. :)

My mom made this from scratch: pumpkin cheesecake with chocolate crumb crust, drizzled with dark chocolate, caramel topping and crushed hazelnuts. It was awful. Just awful.

Lyss and Nari on our walk to visit the neighbors...

When my dad yelled "dessert!" (the code word), we busted out some Jingle Bells for the neighbors. I think they really liked it. All seventeen of us barging into their house? I'm sure they appreciated that too.

Darrick's rad sweater had a pocket in it. Sweet. Maypo commented that he looked like Krusty the clown. :)

A standard staple in our Thanksgiving festivities: cookie decorating. Taste the rainbow.

This was all too much excitement for Zenn. He was out cold on the couch. Zzzzzzzzzzz...