Open House at Terra Perma!

This place is great. Terra Perma is hosting an open house gathering on December 6th, complete with a live harpist, free munchies and a reception for Sarah Cail (a freelance photographer currently exhibiting there) and (also on exhibit with handpainted signs and designs)…me! Just in time for the holiday season, Terra is hosting this fabulous event to not only introduce Sarah and I to the community in style, but get everyone in the holiday spirit!

If you haven’t had the chance to check Terra Perma out, you should do so for some holiday shopping. I’m tellin’ ya…their fair trade goods are fabulous and they have such a wide selection of earth-friendly products! Their gorgeous gallery space upstairs is one that I dream of having someday—the old wood plank floors and large, sunny windows, all overlooking the eclectic architecture of downtown Laconia. Beautiful!

So stop on by December 6th for some live music, chow down some yummy hors d’oeurves, of course say hi to me, and get some shopping done! :) Please pass this invite along to anyone who you think would enjoy! (Just click on the invite to open a larger pic in a new window, "save as" and pass it on!) I appreciate it!


Sneak peek. :)

I spent the entire weekend moving, drinking coffee, ripping carpet, painting, hauling, lifting, painting, drinking more coffee, eating bad gas station pizza, moving more, and painting until my arms were numb. And despite some sore shoulders, I’m feeling pretty good about it all. There is a light, waaaaaayyyyyyyyyy at the end of the tunnel, but it is shining and I couldn’t be happier about all of the crazy changes I am going through. In a little over a month, I am moving to North Carolina (nothing like a time crunch!). But before I go, I'm renovating my space on Squam Lake, where I am going to have my very own little gallery in the spring. I’m cleaning this adorable little space to make my own…I love, love, love it! :) It's currently crammed full of crap and still needs a good cleaning, but here are some pics of the space...isn't it beautiful? :)


The rock at Brock.

Yep, I paint rocks, too! This was a custom piece for Ron and Blanche in Groton. I just finished it last week and brrrrrr was it cold up on that mountain!


Open House at the 'Roots!

Today is only 37 days out from Christmas. Ugh. I was made painfully aware of this today as I was plowing through a stack of design jobs...mostly holiday related. Well, here is one fun holiday thing that I want to share...a free open house at Artistic Roots in Campton! There are a bunch of new artists on display...lots of interesting and affordable holiday gifts! So here's a little invite to our Open House on Friday, December 5th...I recommend stopping in for a free snack (the cafe next door always puts on a SPREAD!) and doing some holiday shopping...lots of unique finds to chose from! (Just click on the blog title to link to the AR website for info/directions).


Everyone...go here!

My friend Jim's band, The Brain Police, is making their debut at Ernie's Club Hong Kong this upcoming Thursday and it's going to rock! So come on down, order a scorpion bowl the size of your head, grab some crab rangoons and support your local musicians!


Great friends, glowsticks...and a little bubbly.

New and exciting happenings are on the horizon for me. My new shop (opening in June of ’09) will be one of my next adventures, which I am thrilled to open. I will be teaming up with my buddy Diane (of Taylor Made Graphics LLC) at a swank new location near Squam Lake. And while I will be sure to post more about that as soon as we start to remodel, move and get going, I just wanted to share a picture I took of an adorable token of congrats I received from one of my friends. I went out to my van after an Artistic Roots meeting on Tuesday night (hoping it would start…Janis has had some engine issues lately), to find a sea of glowsticks, banners and a bottle of champagne on my seat. It was delightful and made me smile the whole drive home…thank you, Tara.


Terra Perma gallery exhibit

For the second year in a row, earth-friendly Terra Perma Gallery in downtown Laconia has asked me to join them for the holiday season with a 2-month art display. I was warmly welcomed as I went to set up my display of handpainted signs, greeting cards and prints on Saturday, and spread my creations across this beautiful green wall (I don’t think I would have hand-picked a better color!) Terra is such a great place, and if you have the chance to swing on in to do a little holiday shopping, you will not be disappointed. From the gorgeous jewelry to the fair trade goods to the organic threads…everything is not only stunning, but also reasonably priced. And in the upstairs, open gallery space, they hold all sorts of activities— reiki, massage, movement classes, yoga...be sure to check them out!
My show at Terra runs until January 1st; I will be featured in an open house/reception in early December, so I’ll be sure to keep you posted on that. :)

My favorite 5 year old...

Little B!



Well, it wasn’t the usual Halloween craziness this year, but it was a fun one! I recycled an old Rainbow Brite costume I made a few years ago, and added a few embellishments to it. I wound up drinking one too many #7 drafts at The Seven Barrel Brewery in West Lebanon, where The Brain Police was playing, and I met up with an old friend from high school. But first, I made sure I checked it with my buddy, Little B, to scope out his sweet Batman costume (whose picture I naturally photoshopped onto a cool background). And my friend Chainsaw…check out his ‘Slim Kyle’ duds…very impressive. I love Halloween.