Things that make me smile:

My super sweet retro chair that I bought a few weeks ago:
This seems promising:
Mary Jane Tang stopped by Friday night, in an outfit resembling that worn by Michael Jackson in his Thriller video. Pure coincidence: there is a random copy of Michael Jackson's greatest hits on the table to the left of her. Now, picture if you will, the look and feel of the original Kermit the Frog muppet, held by the late and great Jim Henson. I am convinced that when Kermit was created, there happened to be a sale at the fabric store, from which Kermit the Frog and this couch were manufactured:
Want to see it again? Of course you do. I love, love, love my new couch:


Mmm...Easter goodness

My cousin Julia's creation...a bunny cake. (Even the grass was edible...it tasted like Lucky Charms marshmallows):
Slightly reminiscent of an arts n' crafts camp project, I know, but this was my creative contribution to the dessert table:
My mom's homemade perogies...it doesn't get much better than that. (Yup, she hand-rolled and stuffed each one of thos suckers!) Mmmm.
And Easter just isn't Easter without a bowl of finely decorated organic brown farm eggs!


Candyland was a hit!

After months of planning, we pulled it off and my friend Tina had a FABULOUS birthday party. (Direct Tina quote: "It was the best party I had ever been to....and it was mine!") Candyland was a success...here are more pics of the giant game goodness (and that's the laughing birthday girl in the back)


Look ma, two hands!

Iris Myandowski, the handwalking queer. (If you've seen Beaches, like 100 times like me, you know what I'm talking about...)


Ode to Disco

I've always been a sucker for a killer vintage find. And this one might take the cake: a fireplace/record player/8-track player/bar combo (which, after some research is a Koronette- a German made product of the 70's that new retailed for $499.99 over 30 years ago) Sure, I found it, on a mindless search through retro wears and furniture on Craigslist.org, but much to my dismay I could not afford this piece of awesome. But I e-mailed the link to Larry, who also shares the same peculiar love of the vintage. He had made arrangements to pick it up before I could even pick my jaw up off the floor when I saw the online listing. I knew that I had no business spending half a week's pay on this when I can barely afford my heat bill, but Larry could and now it happily resides with him. And now that I have heard a crackly Billy joel album play through the plush red velvet covered speakers, I have spun the mirror covered bar, and sat by the faux flame of the fire, I stand corrected. This one does take the cake:(I thought it would ge given more of the respect it deserves if I Photoshopped a groovy background behind it. Isn't she bee-u-tee-ful?)

Close up of the owl awesomeness:
Can you hate it? I don't think so:

The ORIGINAL cups that came with the bar:


(Almost) Introducing...

I'm almost there. I have been designing these web pages for weeks, frantically scribbling ideas on the back of Wendy's napkins and post-its. Tweaking, creating, freaking out, deleting...this has been part of my creative process down the bumpy, windy road I am taking on this journey. But I feel I am almost there. Today I feel excellent about it all. Today I am using capital letters. Today I woke up, put on this big fun 80's sweater I am rockin', listened to some Missy Elliot (c'mon...can you hate her? I don't think so!) and said to myself, I am ready.

I had the joy, or rather the honor of attending an amazing business seminar on Wednesday...one that has provided me with a lifetime of inspiration. Acorn Creative Inc. and Epiphanies Inc., two creative NH based companies headed this day of seminars, information, brilliant ideas, encouragement and gave me some fabulous tools to apply to my business plan. I felt like Gonzo in that ending scene from Muppets from Space (shameless Jim Henson plug-- make popcorn and watch that movie tonight!) where he meets a group of characters just like him after spending his entire life being classified as a 'Whatever.' So while I don't have an elongated purple nose (yet...you never know how I will switch up my look though), and that might just be an awkward analogy, I sat in that room of 60 or so people and felt united with fellow New Hampshireites, all wandering the north country with a brain ready to explode from ideas and continually streaming creativity. The key is how I am going to use this, and Wednesday I feel I was given some tools to organize these overwhelming ideas, and use them to be successful in business.
Anyways...ahem: www.veggieartgirl.com. Coming SOON to a computer near you.


food, folks and fun

stacey: "hey, i have an idea! let's draw on these stale marshmallows with markers and put them in the oven with the light on to watch them deform!"
brian: "that's dumb."
stacey: "here is my bucket of sharpies."
brian: "ok, let's start with ronald mcdonald...you make the body, i'll make the head..."


cottage pie? what?

i just discovered, thanks to my mindless wanderings through recipes on the web, that i have been calling my recipe of meat, corn and potato goodness the wrong thing for years. my shepherd's pie, as i have been calling it, is actually referrerd to as 'cottage pie' if it uses beef. 'shepherd's pie' is the same recipe, essentially, but with lamb instead of beef. regardless, i thought my shepherd's pie...ahem...i mean, 'cottage pie' (that sounds like some sort of gross, curdly middle school cafeteria food) was deserving of a photo opp:
mmm...now all it need is like, a gallon of ketchup dumped on top.


rainbow trails and gumdrop paths

what do you get when you mix a crowd of 3 creative people, a large scrap of vinyl and some paint? why, a life sized candyland board game of course! this is a gift for my friend tina's 40th birthday party next week. she wanted a game theme...she's getting a game theme!