edith. :)

It's been a rough couple of weeks. I've had pains in my neck (insert obvious joke here) for weeks that just yesterday have begun to subside. It's been bringing me down, and simple tasks like just getting up and going to work or even sitting in a chair have been drudgery. But I made it to work yesterday, to find this cheerfully sitting on my desk (next to Kermit, and yes, I have polka-dotted my office walls!): My new plant. My coworker, Cindy thought I could use some good luck and gave me this beautiful plant. Feng Shui suggests that putting a plant in a red pot in the left hand corner of your desk or workspace brings prosperity. Now it's hard to not smile when I am sitting at my desk. Thanks, Cindy...I love it. I will name her Edith. :)

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