free desktop :)

Another one of my many favorite digital art forms: creating desktops for my computers. Inspired by the Art Barn's slogan, and my continual aspirations of being a successful, self-employed artist soon, I created this to remind me to keep creating and keep dreaming everyday. (Well, keep dreaming about personal success, though, the other kinds are pretty great. Last night for instance, I had a dream that I met Billy Joel. We shared a plate of spaghetti, he gave me $100.00 and told me to "call him Bill." Nice man that Billy Joel is).

Err...anyways, want this art for your desktop? Download it here: http://senduit.com/ed4225

If you have any technical complications, just sheet me an e-mail (info@veggieartgirl.com) and I'll e-ship it right out to ya! :)

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