So long Sherman!

We've had a good run. I know one should not be as emotionally attached to a vehicle as I am to Sherm, but we've been through a lot. Fun roadtrips, fun off-roadtrips, a Skamper trek to Bonnaroo, many MegaPrint dump runs...it's been the stereo at many-a-party, a roof when I needed it and we've been through over 100,000 miles of awesome. I loved that truck.
But...all good things must end and Sherm has moved onto a new family. Everyone at work got him a card to say goodbye and I saw him off the way he wanted it-- gas tank on empty and a Billy Joel mix in the Cd player. :)
Janis the van and I are going to have a happy life together. I know it.

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Jim said...

Sherman totally bailed me out that one weekend when I thought my car was broken. Blaze on, Sherm.