What have I been doing lately?

Making cakes apparently! While I have never loved the baking part, I find the decorating part to come easily and is so much fun. Here are a couple of cakes I have made recently. I am seriously considering adding a little cake link to my web site...why not? Shoot me a line if you are in the market for a unique cake...I can do it up for ya!
Jessi just moved to CA for college and her mom threw her a fantastic party...complete with this chocolatey cake I made (that included her faaaaavorite color pink in the frosting) :o)
This one was tricky, but I was happy with the results (even though the humidity was melting the frosting on the way to the party!). When soon-to-be six year old Shannon was asked what kind of cake he wanted for his birthday party, he replied, "marble." (Apparently he was just fascinated with the idea that a cake could be two colors when you cut into it!) He is a lover of aliens, and I wanted the cake to be special. So I built a base out of dowels and cardboard, and attached some lights to the sides, creating the light-up effect. The cake itself was of course marble, but simply frosted, with little alien men stuck in all over it for the full-on extra-terrestrial effect. It was a big hit, but I think Shannon was more interested in getting the cake off the base so that he could use it to build a UFO out of legos than he was eating the cake! :o)

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