I originally wanted to be a dinosaur for Halloween this year, but the second I discovered that I could just add some wings to my costume and then have an excuse to breathe fire, my inspiration turned more to a dragon. Or as people have been calling it: "an alligator with wings"... Whatever. I don't care. I had fun making it. It's all scraps and findings and a lot of hot glue and thread. Total cost: $1.75....and about 8 hours in labor. :o)...but I don't really think it's all that scary. And I haven't mastered the fire breathing trick yet, but there's still time... Happy Halloween everyone!

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Outside Lisa said...

Oh my goodness! My sister in law and I saw your sign when we were in New Hampshire in September for Squam Art Workshops! We never got to visit your cute store, but we definitely noticed you sign and found your blog just now in Rita's Sweet Shop's sidebar! You are darling! What a nice surprise. We'll catch you next year!

Lisa and Cinderella Field