Happy kitchen.

Moving into a new house is exciting and frustrating and fun and challenging. It was expensive to move and get where I am, so I have had to be thrifty with my d├ęcor choices. Easy (and fun) for me. :o) My dad has been a great motivator in getting some necessary projects done around the house. First thing was first: make the kitchen adorable. I wanted to be inspired to cook and relax and drink wine with friends.

My dad came up with the design for this countertop project. A sheet of plywood, some scrap pine flooring and a few coats of poly later, I have an eat-in kitchen. He was actually throwing away those 2 chairs, so I gave them a coat of paint and it makes the kitchen. The walls are painted a cantaloupe color orange to coordinate with the (already) green cabinets.

And now...my kitchen is a little happier and cooking is fun. I see my son sitting at that counter, doing his homework after school while I make supper for years to come. I see potlucks and fondue parties. I see years of having fun living in my new yellow house and making more mine every day. :o)

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