Back in the game.

Now that I have my studio all set up, I have been back to my old ways of painting into the wee hours of the morning. My absolute favorite. (Of course, I have found that now that I am a mommy to a 3 year old, I do not have the energy I once had. But still, I'm rocking it.)
Here are a few selections from a current show that is hanging at The Studio in Laconia, called Used to Be. I am honored to hang there for my second time, with all my cool new works, painted on old wood, panels, windows and doors.

It's kind of funny (and super relative)...I named this show before I completely created it, back when I booked it last year. Who knew everything in my life would be so different and I would use the words "used to be" as much as I am these days?

Come on out to the opening reception for the show on November 15th! Will be lots of fun! :o)

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