Thank you.

Despite the weather being absolutely awful, our Open House had quite a turnout! I'd like to thank all those who weathered the storm and made the trek in support of our new business venture (some people traveled over 2 hours in the snow and ice!) One person commented that the weather was perfect, because those who were there would always remember the event (and had a better shot at raffle prizes!), and I think that is the truth! (...though a nice, clear night would have been okay too...) Still, Diane and I had fun welcoming everyone to our new shop, and are thankful for all of the support we have received from friends and the community. A special thank you to Moe and Alex of the Common Man family who generously donated cakes, a gift certificate and a lovely flower arrangement and have made Diane and I feel more than welcome in the neighborhood, Jim for his fabulous music, TJ, Josh, Chainsaw, Tina Cleana, Tanya & Tara for their last-minute painting skills and Longhaul Farm for the goodies. (I know I am forgetting someone, but nothing has gone unappreciated). Again, thank you all for coming and I look forward to doing it again this summer for round two!

Live music w/ Jim Tyrrell!

Cakes compliments of the Common Man Bakery. :)

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