OMG...I am SO excited. (I "OMG-ed"...THAT'S how excited I am!) The Studio, a FANTASTICAL, magical, creative place in Laconia (right on Union Ave., above 'Too Good To Be Threw') is opening their doors for a super duper Open House all weekend and I am going!
Melissa McCarthy is the magic behind this operation and I am so excited to have gotten to know her. She's shaking things up in Laconia...changing minds and lives and inspiring and you should come check it out! My good friend Jim Tyrrell (who you may remember from the hoppin' Holiday Open House at my shoppe!) is going to be the featured musician on Saturday from 3:00 & on. Come rock out and get your art on! Pass along the invite to ANYONE you think would love to be a part of it all and swing by from noon to six EITHER Saturday OR Sunday!

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