Triple Meat Threat.

You know when you are STARVING and you are standing in the grocery store like an idiot, wanting one of everything?

Me too. Happens all the time.
I was hanging out in the meat section of Bob's Shurfine, practically foaming at the mouth one evening on my way home from work. I LOVE their meat section. Not really sure why. But I do. I was staring at all of it, trying to think of the crunchiest, cheesiest, saltiest, meatiest combination and it came to me:
Chicken cordon bleu subs...with pepperoni and sauteed mushrooms. Yesssss.
Sub rolls
swiss cheese
crumbled bleu cheese
sliced ham
chicken tenders (uncooked)
sliced pepperoni
I did a basic garlic rub and splash of Italian dressing on the chicken tenders and threw those on the grill. While that was grilling, I opened 2 giant sub rolls (not cutting all the way through) and (inspired by the Biederman's balboa) made some garlic bread out of the rolls. While that toasted, I flipped the chicken and sauteed a few mushrooms in splash of olive oil on the stove. My vision started to come into reality when I heard the *ding* of the toaster oven and then I assembled. Oh yes, I assembled.
On the garlicy (lightly toasted) rolls, I sprinkled some blue cheese so it got all melty. I layered ham. I relayered blue cheese. I grabbed the chicken tenders and tossed those on next, topping the chicken off with the sauteed mushrooms...and probably more bleu cheese. Pepperoni came next and I topped it all with Swiss cheese. I threw the sandwiches under the broiler while I poured myself a frosty beverage and once that cheese was melted to perfection it was time.
Triple Meat Threat. Gross and awesome and delicious. Suck it, Martha.
Mmmm...melty cheesy goodness.

Oh, my poor arteries.

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