Vegas, baby!

It was so completely whirlwhind, that it was almost like it didn't happen. But now that I have finally gotten around to downloading all of my pictures, I guess it's true: I did go to Vegas last month! Jim and I flew in Friday morning. We were there by noon and home by midnight on Sunday. Perfect.
Now I had never been and neither had Jim, so we had to get in some of the Vegas staples: the MGM lion... We saw Cirque de Soleil. I couldn't sneak any good pictures inside, but I did convince the ticket guy to pose with me...
We tooled around the casinos in our bathing suits...

...and lounged in the sun at the resort at Mandalay Bay, the hotel we stayed at. The weather was absolutely perfect!

And of course we went out at night and had ourselves a hootin', hollerin' good time. And that's all I'm going to say. :o)

(What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.)

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