Asheville or bust!

Last Saturday, I packed Janis to the brim with all sorts of creative stuff and headed south for a month-long adventure in the best city ever. And while this stay is going to be shorter than most, I have giant, GIANT plans for my 4 week stay! See Mom? I am wearing my seatbelt. :o)

I packed my two travel buddies: Kermit the Frog and Michael Jackson...

Beautiful skies and sunshine led me through the mountains to my favorite city in the world...

On the last leg of my trip through Tennesee, I got to enjoy this beautiful sunset. (Well, I didn't stop to TAKE these pictures...I just strapped the camera to my arm, hung it out the window and kept on driving!)

And now I am here, safe and sound...Janis all in one piece and this crazy city out my front door. Stories of Asheville awesomeness coming soon...and pictures of my new business adventure here! I am so completely overwhelmed with inspiration, that I cannot wait to share with everyone! :o)

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