Wall transformation.

I have been in Asheville for 2 weeks and I am amazed at how much has been created, painted, transformed and is coming together. The concept of the shoppe we are building here includes a small stage and performance area (we have been approved for a 49 seat theatre house! Yay!) So we had to transform the back wall and stage into something fantastic and magical...on a shoestring budget, of course.
Weee! Paint!Dark walls: check. Flowy handsewn red curtains (that once were my livingroom drapes): check. Clearance rack Christmas lights: check. Scallopy, flowy curtain topper sewn out of an old shower curtain I found at the Goodwill for $.50: check. $2.00 red windows for wall to add architechtural elements and pull the color scheme together: check. The look on people's faces when you tell them this entire stage was created on a $10.00 budget: priceless. :o) This is going to be amazing. (And the sign laying on the stage is a little sneak peak- will post pictures of the building and hung sign soon!)

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