Fringe Freak Fest!

I have been working hard here for the past 2 weeks, setting up shoppe. But you can't have all work and no play! The Fringe Fest is a staple in my winter stays in Asheville- a 3 day festival of sorts where you can, well, fly your flag. Be yourself. It's all about performance, music, dance, costume and just...being strange. Here is how our Friday Night Fringe went: Step 1.) Get fringe-on-stick.
Step 2.) Wave your fringe (see video below).

Step 3.) Watch brilliant, wacky, zany, funny small plays, beautiful dance, enjoy local brews and laugh with friends in make-shift performance studios in the River Arts District. (This stage was in a pottery studio.)

Step 3.5) Watch funny puppet shows, too.

4.) I don't know if there IS a caption for this photo...

Oh, and here is a little more Fringy goodness:

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