Transforming the building...

Our new shoppe has undergone MAJOR renovation. From wall building to carpet ripping-out to scrubbing and cleaning and painting...it is completely new inside and out, evoking giddy screams and "I can't believe what you have done" gasps from people who saw it when it was the infamous Beach Bingo. (Still to be determined what Beach Bingo actually was...we think some sort of underground drug and gambling operation.) We have been working night and day on this place!

This was the outside of the building BEFORE we attacked it with a beautiful spectrum of paint this past weekend. Trust me: this photo makes it look good. It was a hot mess, but Erinn, myself and many of our super supportive friends saw the diamond in the rough.

Steph- putting on the first strokes of paint!

Take a look at the sky! Nearly 70 degrees- just gorgeous...perfect building painting weather! Lots of our friends (so graciously) stopped by in paint clothes to help. THANK YOU SO MUCH to all of you who helped make this happen!

Somewhere around 5:30 p.m., it was on the brink of dusk and Laura exclaimed, "let's put the sign up now!" (We were going to do it on Sunday.) Our adreneline was pumping and we didn't want to stop. So (despite the fact that I look like I am not helping at all in any of these pictures), I finished striping the awning and climbed the ladder 15 feet in the air to hang the giant sign I made. I completely conquered my fear of heights. Sort of.And here we are, soaking up the last few minutes of sunlight, exhausted, dehydrated and sunburnt under the fancy new sign of our Asheville business! Yay!

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