Getting ready for tour.

As my boyfriend was getting ready for a 2 week long stint on the road, I tried to help out with little marketing details so that he could be a driving/walking billboard as he traveled the east coast. First detail: vehicle lettering. (And here's a tip to all you small business owners: letter your car! It's quite possibly the best way to stand out and get attention for the least amount of advertising dollars!) Jim is a graphic designer as well, so he had a clean and quirky design all set for his t-shirts and stickers. I just added it to the car (his new Mini Cooper!) with two colors of vinyl. TA-DA!Then I got to thinking about the dates Jim was leaving...and I thought maybe I could go too. So I did! I drove down to the Carolinas with Jim and flew back a week later while he traveled on. Best road trip buddy ever.Yessssssssss! For more info about Jim's tour, you can check him out at http://www.jimtyrrell.net/ or view his live streams of music at http://www.thejimtour.com/

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