Ode to Disco

I've always been a sucker for a killer vintage find. And this one might take the cake: a fireplace/record player/8-track player/bar combo (which, after some research is a Koronette- a German made product of the 70's that new retailed for $499.99 over 30 years ago) Sure, I found it, on a mindless search through retro wears and furniture on Craigslist.org, but much to my dismay I could not afford this piece of awesome. But I e-mailed the link to Larry, who also shares the same peculiar love of the vintage. He had made arrangements to pick it up before I could even pick my jaw up off the floor when I saw the online listing. I knew that I had no business spending half a week's pay on this when I can barely afford my heat bill, but Larry could and now it happily resides with him. And now that I have heard a crackly Billy joel album play through the plush red velvet covered speakers, I have spun the mirror covered bar, and sat by the faux flame of the fire, I stand corrected. This one does take the cake:(I thought it would ge given more of the respect it deserves if I Photoshopped a groovy background behind it. Isn't she bee-u-tee-ful?)

Close up of the owl awesomeness:
Can you hate it? I don't think so:

The ORIGINAL cups that came with the bar:

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