Asheville, part deux.

More pics from my vacation:
I danced with some of the locals...I was the lucky one chosen from the crowd to assist this (very handsome) magician for the old "ball and cup" trick. My job: hold his balls. :)
This was one of the places we stayed: Bed of Roses B&B. It was a reasonably priced, beautiful stay, complete with a jacuzzi, yummy breakfasts and fancy robes. "Hey Larry...sit on that couch and pretend that you are smoking a pipe."
The community's response to an anti-gay protest: a silver Sharpie and some scrap cardboard. (Note the dude in the back holding the sign that reads "homorepressed" to the left of the bible-reading guy with the megaphone).
"Hey, Larry, do you think I should buy these rad glasses?"
"They make you look like a bug."
Pure coincidence: Larry was standing to the right of the Thirsty Monk sign.
(No, he's not really a monk)
This was probably the best musical find: Ménage.
They were a powerhouse trio of women who rocked the stage!
Get on THIS bus? Okay! This was our ride to the Wailers show; the inside was decked out in red velvet, cool ceiling murals and guitar player! I love this place!

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