Last batch o' Asheville pics

Interactive street mural project. (I added in the red swirly vines)
The first band we saw: The Lions of Jah. Fabulous! Human street statue: put a dollar in his bucket and he dispenses candy. Yay! It's a street fest!
How can you not take a picture of that on a warm summer night? Mmmm.
This was our feast at Tupalo Honey, an organic cafe downtown. Everything was so fresh, so green and grown locally!
Larry took every chance he could to order grits. (I wasn't a believer before, but I'm coming around). Featured next to the cheddar covered grits is one huge (and delicious) sweet potato pancake with granola. This place had peach infused butter--amazing!

Onto our next food adventure: the quest for delicious sushi. Oh yes, we found it. This maki is rolled in mango with a tangy sauce. (The food here was nothing less than amazing, but the experience at this restaurant was a memorable one, thanks to our new drunken buddy, Court, from Florida. He kept making air fists and shouting, "it's good to be alive!")Random table art made by yours truly.
Our search for more sushi continued. Hey, what's this? A Number 9 Roll? Okay! (I took it as a sign from the universe, since #9 is my favorite beer and all, though it may have been a stretch. Still, it didn't dissapoint.)Close-up of the #9 roll...yum!This was quite inspiring. My friend Roy hooked me up with a tour of local artist Ben Betsalel's art studio in the River Arts District. Ahhh...what a beautiful and creative space!Definitely, definitely the best vacation...ever. :) I can't wait to go back!

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