It must be kitty season! I got to meet up with my fabulous friends, CP and Lou this past weekend and met my new niece, Lily! She was so sick when they found her (and could fit entirely in the palm of your hand), but CP and Lou nursed her back to health and she is now full of life and so happy. We all spent the entire day watching football in our pajamas on Sunday- jammies, hot wings, chili, cocktails, football, a new kitty and the best friends ever...what's better than that? (ok, if the Pats had won, it would have been much better...we'll be back after the bye week!)


Simone said...

wow!!!!!!!!!! I adopted a little kitten this weekend. She's calico and get this... we named her Lily!

Nonsenser said...

i loove thee kitty is beautiful, and i likee your blog is pretty happy =D i really like it (: is FUN (: and haappy(: hahahaha, byee=D