Pesto Party

Last evening in my travels, I happened upon a my friends’ Lorri and HO’s Longhaul Farm in Holderness, NH. They were hosting a Pesto Party, as they do annually, where friends gather ‘round in their newly built (and absolutely gorgeous) Pavillion in the Woods function hall. With the fall night dropping to a near freezing temperature, they harvested the remainder of their basil in the fields, and spent the evening plucking and shucking the sweet crop to make into tubs of delicious pesto. I’ll admit…I’d only planned on stopping in for a quick hello, but once I stepped into the cozy cabin with the crackling fire, and the smell of fresh roasted vegetables and homemade quiche hit my nose, I cracked open a homebrew and joined in on the pesto-making. I wound up making new friends and since Lorri insisted, I helped myself to a plate of dinner and a scoop of some of the best cinnamon apple sauce I have ever tasted.
If you haven’t been to Longhaul Farm, you should catch the tail end of their growing season and check out their adorable country store, located on Route 113 in Holderness. They feature all their unrefined, homegrown produce and sell a wide variety of local and organic goods. You could even take home a tub of their homemade pesto, applesauce or yummy signature quiches…which come highly recommended from yours truly. :)

(Tucker, the farm mascot, looking on)

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