Great friends, glowsticks...and a little bubbly.

New and exciting happenings are on the horizon for me. My new shop (opening in June of ’09) will be one of my next adventures, which I am thrilled to open. I will be teaming up with my buddy Diane (of Taylor Made Graphics LLC) at a swank new location near Squam Lake. And while I will be sure to post more about that as soon as we start to remodel, move and get going, I just wanted to share a picture I took of an adorable token of congrats I received from one of my friends. I went out to my van after an Artistic Roots meeting on Tuesday night (hoping it would start…Janis has had some engine issues lately), to find a sea of glowsticks, banners and a bottle of champagne on my seat. It was delightful and made me smile the whole drive home…thank you, Tara.

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