Terra Perma gallery exhibit

For the second year in a row, earth-friendly Terra Perma Gallery in downtown Laconia has asked me to join them for the holiday season with a 2-month art display. I was warmly welcomed as I went to set up my display of handpainted signs, greeting cards and prints on Saturday, and spread my creations across this beautiful green wall (I don’t think I would have hand-picked a better color!) Terra is such a great place, and if you have the chance to swing on in to do a little holiday shopping, you will not be disappointed. From the gorgeous jewelry to the fair trade goods to the organic threads…everything is not only stunning, but also reasonably priced. And in the upstairs, open gallery space, they hold all sorts of activities— reiki, massage, movement classes, yoga...be sure to check them out!
My show at Terra runs until January 1st; I will be featured in an open house/reception in early December, so I’ll be sure to keep you posted on that. :)

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Scott Bulger Photography said...

Ana and Sue are a couple of my favorite people. What they are doing with their space is commendable. They are a benefit to the entire arts community.

Good luck with your show.