A Day at the fair.

I broke *another* digital camera. This one sadly fell out of my bag and was discovered in my friend's driveway with a cracked screen. I am so bummed and in the process of writing a creative letter to HP to see if they will be nice enough to help with my dilemna. Probably not, but hey, it's worth trying.
In any event, my point: I *was* able to save the card from the camera, and I came across a scattering of fun photos from the past month. The first in the series: The Sandwich Fair! I finally made it back this year and had a fun filled day of fried food eating, beer sampling, people watching, antiquing, and driving through the beautiful foliage. Sometimes there is nothing better than being a tourist in your own town. :o)
Hey there, little buddy!I bought a bushel (or was it a peck?) of these yummy apples, that were later made into a scrumptious apple crisp. (Well, except for this little guy...he was the taste tester)Oh yeah I did. Gotta get a Bloomin' Onion when you are at the fair (and a picture of the dude making it?). I fully support any business that gives you the option of 2 dipping sauces with any product.

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