WREN Farmers Market on a super cold Saturday

I became a member of WREN (Women's Rural Entrepreneurial Network) this year and it has opened quite a few doors for me. I was able to join in on one of the final Farmers Markets of the season with a display of my hula hoops and handpainted signs. The hoops were a big hit! Here are some pics from the freezing fun! (Brr...it was sunny, but it was cooooold!)(That's my mom on the left...she's become quite a master of the hoop!)

Since then, I have started selling my works (and hoops!) at the WREN Local Works Shoppe on Main St. in Bethlehem. It's such a cute little store, full of a great variety of locally made, handcrafted goods. To learn more about WREN, go to http://www.wrencommunity.org/. More great people, doing great things! :o)

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