My creative zone.

My day started with a cup of coffee and I have not stopped since. I have been sanding and painting and cleaning and creating and organizing and painting more and sanding more and designing and...

You get the point.

In the midst of everything, it is difficult to be completely aware of where you are and just...appreciate. So following a 30 minute power clean of my basement studio space, I thought I would snap a few pics and take it in for a minute. I am always stressing over cleanliness and organization, and often find it difficult to be creative if I don't have a sense of that (I know...kind of defies the typical mentality of an artist!). But today, I found satisfaction in all if it and have been enjoying my space more than ever. :o)

Ok, now I need to get back to work! Got lots of holiday shows coming up!

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Mary Beaudin said...

I hope you were creating....you know. I can't wait to see your awesomeness.