Bathroom Renovation, Part I

I have been wanting to redo my bathroom for years. But rather than fix the gross old tub and move the sink to under the mirror, I would go the cheap route and distract myself with a fresh coat of paint and some new towels.
(I'm not sure WHY the old drain was clogged?!@#!)
Well, this year I decided I would take the jump. Thanks to an extended credit line at Lowe's (crap...so I *have* to pay that back?) and a little extra money I was able to put aside as a buffer (hey, I know how these things work), I came home with a tub and a tub surround in the back of my van one day, figuring "how hard can this be?"
Ummm...I'll get back to you with an official answer on that in a bit, but first I thought I would share pics from my plumbing journey. I ended up calling a friend to help demo the old tub, which was NO easy task. At the last minute I *did* have to call an *actual* plumber, because the new tub wouldn't fit and the piping had to be rerouted. (Thanks, Mr. Rooter!)
But all in all, it is coming along slowly but nicely. I have plans for a mosaic backsplash in the tub and around the sink. I got a fabulous Mexican tavalera style sink that will look fantastic...once I finish the custom built countertop to fit it in. All in a days work! If you are bored and would like to help, shoot me a line. But...you have to work for pizza and hula hoops. :o)

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